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Door Repair

A door will occasionally sag under its own weight and bind in the doorframe. If the situation isn't corrected, it will worsen over time until it's virtually impossible to open or close the door. Planing or sanding the upper door edge is only a temporary fix because the door will continue to sag. Instead, remove the screws from the upper hinge leaf that's attached to the doorjamb and replace them with three-inch decking screws. The screws will pass through the jamb and reach deep into the trimmer studs of the rough opening. A masonary opening will require tapcons screwed onto the masonary. Tighten the screws just enough to pull back the door a little bit. Be careful not to overtighten them or you'll bow the jamb and distort the swing of the door.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of a room or improve your homeęs curb appeal is by replacing doors.

Update your front door for a fresh look. Exterior door replacement improves energy efficiency.  Especially when you replace those boring sliding glass patio doors with dual-paned French doors. A front door that has seen better days can make a big impact when you replace it with a high-quality wood, fiberglass, or steel door. For a relatively small investment, you can completely transform your ho-hum entry to one with both style and elegance.

If you have interior flat panel doors with no character, dramatically upgrade your rooms by replacing them with any of the many multiple panel doors available. Interior French doors can separate spaces and add an elegant touch. Access and style—what more could you ask for? If French doors arenęt your style, bi-fold panels or louvered doors are equally attractive. In fact, there are so many different possibilities that the hardest part is probably narrowing your choice.  Don't overlook the attic door for ease of entry if you presently have a trap door.

We can install your new doors quickly and easily in a minimum amount of time. With exterior doors, I can suggest locksets for added security or make suggestions about maximizing energy efficency.

Regardless of its style or age, new doors will add value and beauty to your home (don't forget about the trim).